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How do I see a writing sample?
Posted by Scott Foster on 23 January 2012 02:06 PM

Real, unadulterated writing samples are available for viewing inside of NAA.

What do we mean by 'unadulterated'?

An average writing sample is not always a good way to gauge or qualify the skill of a given author. We have found that authors will often revise their samples multiple times, resulting in a sample text that has been critiqued to "perfection". Not to mention that anyone can fabricate or hire someone to write a sample on their behalf.

Therefore, we don't allow someone to write on the basis of a provided sample. We carefully test and qualify our authors before they can show for hire here on the site. There is a difference between a critiqued sample and a real, "down in the trenches" writing sample that came about through spontaneously examining skill and turn around time.

So How Do We Qualify Authors?

First, we test all authors in basic grammar in the following 8 areas. It is our philosophy that if an individual doesn't understand basic grammar, they really shouldn't be writing for hire to begin with.

These 8 areas include:

Subject-Verb Agreement, Modifications, Punctuation, Parallel Structure, Apostrophes, Word Pairs, Homonyms, Sentences. Note! We require at least a 75% passing grade to gain an account

We then offer short, timed essays, which authors voluntarily take in areas or categories they wish to show for hire in. We then review each essay and rate them accordingly. Each author is approved & awarded a badge of recognition, which is then visible along with their sample essay in the 'View writers' area of the site.

Q. Do you have any ESL writers working on the site?

A. This is a common question, and the nice thing about our review process is it helps us easily spot ESL writing. Where an ESL writer may make it through the grammar exam, the essays are another story. Writing essays is where real skill needs to come into play, and an ESL writer has much difficulty in this area. Therefore, ESL writers, if they do exist on the site, actually have a strong enough command of English their writing doesn't reflect it.

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